December 14th, 2011, 11:00 pm

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FireBorg, December 15th, 2011, 11:02 am     Reply

I say GO LEFT !!

'coz left is the way of Freedom !

(nuh i just made that)

DaringDestiny, December 15th, 2011, 8:53 pm     Reply

I say right, there's no stalagtite or stalagmite that way.... i think i spelled those right

THEAuthor, December 15th, 2011, 9:25 pm     Reply

Aw, Max... for some reason his comment and his dissapointed expression makes me like him much more than I did... I sympathize with his interests, they seem more integral to his personality than they did before.

D (Guest), November 7th, 2017, 10:42 am     Reply

@FireBorg: I say right, you can't go wrong with it.

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